Selected courses from PayrollServe Academy are eligible for the SDF Grant & absentee payroll funding, as part of the Funding for Employer-Based Training.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Employer must have paid for all necessary training expenses to the Training Organisation before the claim can be submitted.
  • Trainee(s) must be Singapore Citizen(s) or Permanent Resident(s) of Singapore, and must be employed by the applicant Company in accordance to the Employment Act, except for sole proprietors, partners, working directors, members of co-operatives or commission-based agents.
  • Trainee(s) has to achieve at least 75% attendance and sat for the test, examinations and assessments (where applicable).

Amounts claimable vary according to the type of skills training provided. For more information, tables & rates are found at the following WDA link;

Course Fee & Absentee Payroll funding

To check amounts claimable pertaining to approved courses, please use the following WDA portal & guide;

WDA Search Portal

WDA Search Guide

Submitting Claims

Employers may submit WDA claims, via the WDA SkillsConnect system website;

Step by step WDA guide for claiming course fee & absentee payroll funding;

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