China's employment environment is complex given the need to integrate national laws and local policies. Don't miss the opportunity to gain insights on China's distinct HR challenges and practices from a practitioner with extensive on-the-ground HR experience in the country.


Who Should Attend?

This seminar will benefit HR practitioners and business professionals who are keen to have a better understanding of China's HR environment.



Seminar Topics

  • HR Vocabulary widely used in China
  • Legislation Overview & Latest Updates
  • Onboarding Flow
  • Labour Contract
  • Remuneration & Social Benefits
  • Market Trend of Optional Benefits
  • Authorized Deductions
  • Common Payroll Mistakes
  • Work Hours & OT Payment
  • Individual Income Tax Compliance
  • Rest day, Leave & Holidays
  • Employing Expatriates
  • Termination Self Check
  • Termination Benefits
  • Termination Flow
  • Labour Dispute Settlement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different methods of hiring?
  • How to convert third party employee to direct employee?
  • How many types of labour contracts are there?
  • What are the common elements of a salary package?
  • What are mandatory benefits and market trend for optional benefits?
  • What is the local minimum wage & average wage?
  • How do I compute employee Individual Income Tax (IIT)?
  • How do I plan my employee IIT in a smarter way?
  • Can I pay my employee in foreign currency?
  • Can I pay part of my employee’s salary outside of China?
  • What if I pay my employees’ salaries late?
  • How do I benefit from social benefits?
  • Will we be caught in a situation where the employee cannot be terminated?
  • How do we settle labour disputes?
  • What are the common termination benefits in the market?

About the Speaker

Ms Wang Fang Fang is familiar with China HR practices and regulations given her extensive exposure to various HR functions in China. Fang Fang was most recently from SBA Stone Forest (SBASF), a fully-owned subsidiary of RSM Chio Lim. Prior to joining SBASF, she was exposed to various HR roles in China, including recruitment, streamlining of HR policies, employee welfare management, and HR planning.


In 2012, she was transferred to PayrollServe and currently assists Singapore companies seeking various services in China.


9:00am - 6:00pm


8 Wilkie Road
#07-00, Wilkie Edge
Singapore 228095

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