One of SingGas’ biggest concerns was the efficiency of its payroll operations and management of its human resource functions. In addition, the company was concerned about compliance with Singapore’s regulatory and tax system, which posed a significant challenge when it came to submitting CPF contributions and IRAS documentation for its staff. Faced with the need for payroll compliance and efficiency, SingGas sought a reliable vendor that it could outsource its payroll and HR processes to. That was when the company found out about PayrollServe’s Payroll Outsourcing services.


Once SingGas handed management of its payroll and HR functions to PayrollServe, it realised immediate benefits. The company no longer had to worry about calculating taxes, salaries and claims for each of its employees, saving valuable time. It was also a breeze to stay compliant and ensure the right CPF contributions were made. With no need to oversee the processes internally, SingGas was able to assign its staff to more productive tasks. “In the past, we had to have one person dedicated to doing HR,” said General Manager Mr Weerayuth. “Now, with the exception of recruitment, the Finance Manager can handle the entire operations by herself.” This has enabled SingGas to manage its budgets and costs more effectively for greater productivity.

An added benefit of PayrollServe’s Payroll Outsourcing services is its excellent customer support. PayrollServe’s dedicated team of professionals is always on hand to provide help when needed. So impressed was SingGas that it also adopted the leave and claims management modules of PayDay! HR Management Solution, PayrollServe’s cloud-based application that allows employees’ details to be updated and payroll processing to be done anywhere and anytime.

With the positive experience SingGas has had with PayrollServe’s service and solution, Mr Weerayuth said he would not hesitate to recommend others to outsource their HR and payroll functions to PayrollServe.