While Mindtrac had the personnel to handle the strategic complexities of managing the supply chain for its clients, it didn’t have the trained staff to handle the company’s payroll needs in a reliable and confidential manner. The company sought a payroll partner who could ensure confidentiality, error-free processing, accurate record keeping and reliability.

Mindtrac wasn’t just looking for just a simple payroll service provider, but a company with a dependable reputation and track record who could be entrusted to manage its payroll with discretion and professionalism. Mindtrac found what it was looking for in PayrollServe, and its requirements were not only met but exceeded with excellent customer service that gave same-day responses to any requests in a communicative and cordial manner.

“Being associated with an audit firm gave us the assurance that we needed. PayrollServe has been in the business for a long time and knows it inside and out,” explains Suryanarayanan Balasubramanian, Group CFO and FD. “PayrollServe provides speed, confidentiality and is cost-effective, providing great value for money.”

With its payroll requirements being handled by PayrollServe, Mindtrac is now able to dedicate more of its financial and manpower resources to ensuring that supply chain management operations continue to run smoothly.