Like many retail companies, KJ Empire depends on a high level of manpower for its operations. In line with its continued business expansion, the company’s workforce has grown to more than 100 employees. But without an efficient HR system, the management of staff posed a huge challenge for KJ Empire.

Working only on Excel documents, the HR team faced a daunting task each month in executing the company’s HR processes. From processing payroll and managing leave and claim applications to tracking time, the information for every employee had to be manually recorded and updated. In addition, the HR team also had to ensure compliance with payslip and CPF regulations. This meant having to constantly check the CPF website for updates and entering the new data into the Excel spreadsheets to calculate each individual employee’s monthly CPF contributions. It was an extremely tedious and timeconsuming task that took up 6–7 working days each month. To make matters worse, there was always the risk that data could be wrongly entered or accidentally deleted, which added to the stress and workload of the HR team.



Given the need for greater efficiency, KJ Empire adopted PayDay! HRMS – a cloud-based, pay-as-per-use HR Management solution. With its multiple functions, the new system transformed the company’s HR work processes. Payroll has become a breeze as attendance, overtime hours and CPF contributions are electronically tracked, recorded and calculated. Staff can also easily manage their own personal information and leave applications. In addition, the robust cloud-based system eliminates the risk of lost records.

By automating the entire HR process, PayDay! HRMS has enabled the HR team to streamline its administrative work, improve manpower utilisation and enjoy major time savings. It now takes the HR team 1–2 days less to accomplish their monthly tasks. With PayDay! HRMS, KJ Empire can enjoy efficient HR management as it continues to grow and expand its operations.