Since King Power International decided to outsource its payroll operations to PayrollServe, the company hasn’t looked back.

A high turnover rate of the HR & Administration Manager position prompted the company to analyze its HR operations and seek a solution. It was decided that outsourcing the more routine functions such as payroll would remove the burden from the HR & Administration Manager.

PayrollServe took over the payroll operations and it wasn’t long before the operation was stabilized under its purview. It has been smooth sailing ever since, says HR & Administration Manager Jennifer Sng. She puts the success down to PayrollServe supplying a dedicated point of contact that ensures operational continuity from one month to the next. “At the beginning of each year, my PayrollServe contact creates a calendar for the year. Each month, on the dates given in the calendar, I provide her the template of data input. She prepares the payroll data and sends it back to me, on the agreed date, for my approval. It’s that simple,” Jennifer explains. As a result, King Power International’s staff gets paid the right salary at the right time, every time.

In the two years that Jennifer has been working with PayrollServe since she took over the HR managerial position, there has never been a problem with payroll. “The files are always accurate and on time. We are not even disrupted when the PayrollServe main contact is on leave,” Jennifer explains, “as she works that into the calendar schedule to ensure our payroll process continues to run smoothly.”

King Power International highly recommends PayrollServe to any company looking to make its HR operations more productive by outsourcing routine tasks that can be better handled by a dedicated team of Payroll experts.