Since its establishment, Johnson & Johnson Singapore has always relied on an external partner to handle its payroll requirements. However, the company’s relationship with its previous payroll services provider was terminated because it failed to meet Johnson & Johnson Singapore’s high compliance standards. This experience led the company to revise its criteria in seeking a payroll partner that could meet their user requirements and compliance standards, which included data privacy and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) certification. Additionally, the vendor selected needed to have an excellent reputation, team structure and expertise.

As an ADP partner associated with Chio Lim Stone Forest, PayrollServe had the reputation, SOX certification and the knowledge to not only handle Johnson & Johnson Singapore’s payroll requirements and regulations, but to recommend improvements to existing systems as well. PayrollServe was exactly what Johnson & Johnson Singapore was looking for and more. Unlike its previous vendor that continuously needed to be notified and trained on how to reconcile payroll issues, PayrollServe was always up-todate and knowledgeable about payroll matters, saving Johnson & Johnson Singapore time and energy.

"Johnson & Johnson has many compliance requirements, and PayrollServe took that on board to support our needs."



“PayrollServe attended all weekly meetings, promptly responded to our queries, was flexible when requirements changed and always came to each meeting prepared,” relates Michelle Lee, Regional Payroll Lead, Asia Pacific. “Johnson & Johnson has many compliance requirements, and PayrollServe took that on board to support our needs.”

With its payroll needs being capably handled by PayrollServe, Johnson & Johnson Singapore now has the capacity to concentrate on business activities related to expanding its market presence regionally. In fact, Johnson & Johnson Singapore highly recommends PayrollServe to any multinational corporation looking for an experienced and dedicated payroll partner.


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