As DJ Auto grew, it saw the need for an effective and efficient solution to run the company’s HR processes. “We did not want HR management to become an issue in the long run,” explained General Manager Alvin Ho. “And we wanted to ensure efficient and hassle-free HR management without having to hire someone full time specifically for the task.”



PayrollServe’s services enabled quick and effective management of leave applications, claims approvals, payroll and payslip distribution without the need for DJ Auto to oversee the processes internally. The customer support team also responded speedily whenever DJ Auto needed assistance.

Alvin only had to fill in the payroll template provided by PayrollServe with the relevant data each month and email it over. Then PayrollServe did all the processing and notified DJ Auto upon completion. So convenient and effective was the service that dedicated employees were not required to manage the process. Pleased with the results, Alvin said he would recommend PayrollServe to any company.