Abacus Travel Services was influenced by several factors when evaluating the possibility of outsourcing its payroll services, including the high cost of hiring trained payroll staff and the desire for confidentiality. More than that, Abacus Travel Services wanted a payroll vendor that was experienced enough to serve as a “check” on its internal control process for payroll and compliance.

Abacus Travel Services searched for a payroll service provider who could handle its requirements with professionalism and knowledge, and was easy to work with. PayrollServe was the perfect fit, fulfilling every requirement with the added bonus of being affiliated with a top local accounting and business advisory firm. By using PayrollServe, Abacus Travel Services found that all anxiety over the management of their payroll processing had disappeared.

“PayrollServe has the expertise and knowledge of the Employment Act, CPF and other government rules relating to employment, salaries, levy and tax payments,” says Cheong Sui Hunn, General Manager, Abacus Travel Services. “They are reliable, have high service standards and work professionally with confidential data.”

Since outsourcing its payroll management to PayrollServe, Abacus Travel Services has been able to save money while receiving expert payroll handling and consultancy. With an excellent working relationship since day one, Abacus Travel Services now rests completely assured that its payroll is always responsibly and discretely handled by PayrollServe.