Accounting & Advisory

If you are a businessman, an accountant or a HR professional, your time should be spent on revenue generation and/or pressing strategic issues. You might not have the human resources to administer mundane tasks such as accounting, payments and payroll matters or you might not wish to spend money on complicated accounting software that does not meet your expectations. Yet, you need essential accounting information at your fingertips!

The need to keep up with a constantly changing regulatory environment can be a challenge too, yet it is not a risk worth taking to ignore or fail to keep up with the latest employment laws or ACRA filing requirements for example.

Dedicate your time to core revenue-generating activities and focus on the growth of your business. Let us be your partner to help you manage your accounting and compliance matters.

Business Process Outsourcing

Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) division has over a decade of accounts outsourcing experience. The Singapore headquarters manages, directs and controls the outsourcing work with over 180 employees based in Singapore and China.

As part of the RSM and Stone Forest group, we are uniquely differentiated in the industry as a BPO provider with a public accounting practice discipline and background, making us your ideal BPO partner in finance and accounting.

Our clients – mainly Fortune 500 companies, MNCs and large enterprises – find in us the winning blend of technical expertise, integrity, efficiency and service excellence.

IT Solutions

Our IT infrastructure services aim to eliminate the need for businesses to divert excessive resources away from revenue generation into IT. We design, implement, and maintain modern IT infrastructure for businesses, enabling them to stay at their leanest. We help you through various stages of your business IT needs - implementation, maintenance, and expansion.