Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing & Software as a Service (SaaS)

Cloud computing technology simply indicates an Internet-accessible infrastructure such as data storage and computing hardware. Cloud applications allow business owners save more time and money while businesses are performing more efficiently. Let’s learn how this makes life easier!

Cloud Computing Applications for Everyone

Currently we are using cloud computing applications everyday without realizing what they really are. Gmail, Dropbox, Google Drive are all cloud computing applications which enhance our lives. Obviously we manage our daily things easier with all of these applications. It’s all faster, cheaper and more effective!

For companies, cloud computing totally change the way you are working. Things get done way much productively and communications among staff become better and transparent. Generally companies’ works get better organized in HR, Accounting, Task Management, etc. while most of costs decrease significantly leading to higher ROI.

For consumers, cloud computing applications really help them solve a lot of problems in communications, personal data management or personal finance planning. For example, you can make financial decisions on how to spend or save faster with many financial planning applications. Moreover, some cloud computing applications which just simply help you remind your tasks daily become amazingly useful.

Software as a Service (SaaS) & Its Top 3 Benefits

SaaS is a way of software delivery which requires zero infrastructure investments from users. This means that you don’t have to pay for any hardware, software installation. As a result, there’s no upgrading hassles or maintenance. The SaaS providers will handle everything for you. You just need to subscribe and start using immediately without human communications involved. Below are top 3 SaaS benefits that you should know.

  • 1. Mobility: you can access to your data anytime from anywhere with Internet access.
  • 2. Affordability: SaaS model enables you to pay as you go. You just need to pay for whatever you use. Plus, no hardware or software is required.
  • 3. Security: Most of SaaS applications are well protected with frequent data backup so that you will lose nothing. In addition, they should be automatically upgraded so that there’s no IT dilemma to your end. It is paperless and painless!

Cloud computing is a wave and more popular to both businesses and consumers nowadays. We must use at least one cloud computing application while using Internet with or without our acknowledgement. It’s about do it smart rather than find it hard today!

Stay tuned with us!

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